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Київ, Україна, Дистанційна робота (relocate)

Room 8 Studio has come a long way from a small team of developers and artists to a flagship studio of 350+ people. Our studio is world-class oriented: we work with Ubisoft, EA, Gameloft, Gaijin, NCSOFT, Skydance Interactive, and other headliners of the gaming industry. Games are our way of life and a source of constant inspiration!

You can find out more about us on the company's website: www.room8studio.com

Над чим працювати?
  • Жанр: Екшен, Пригоди, Головоломка, Гонки, Рольові, Симулятори, СтратегіЇ, Спортивні, Шутер, Настільні/Карточні, Казуальні, Навчальні, Словесні, Платформер, Дитячі ігри, MMO
  • Платформи: PC, Mobile, iOS, Android, Console
На які завдання (обов'язки)?
  • Development/porting of games and applications in one of these areas: iOS/Android, Web, PC/Mac, PS4/xBox/NSwitch;

  • Tech expertise and decision making;

  • Preparation of technical documentation;

  • Participate and contribute in architecture discussions, design reviews, code reviews and estimation of tasks or projects;

  • Work closely with other disciplines (Game Design, UX, 3D/2D Design, Visual Design);

  • Able to work and communicate effectively in a fast-paced environment where goals and requirements may constantly be changing;

  • Committed to learning and sharing with the team to help achieve overall goals;

  • Collaboration with a client (call, email, jira comments, etc.).

Якого професіонала шукаємо?
  • Experience with C#/Unity programming 3+ years;

  • Confident knowledge of Unity and C#;

  • Good OOP knowledge and design patterns principles;

  • Development 2D and 3D games;

  • Experience with mobile and web (with consoles NSwitch/xBox/PS4 will be a plus);

  • Understanding client-server architecture in the context of game development;

  • Experience with Profiling/Debugging and Optimization by CPU, GPU, memory and build size;

  • Ability to work and create technical documentation;

  • Experience with Git/Gitlab (svn/perforce will be a plus).


  • Understanding multithreading;

  • Experience with AI;

  • Experience with unit, behaviour, integration testing;

  • Experience with Jenkins/TeamCity;

  • Worked on/created large frameworks and projects.

Які умови і бонуси?

Variety of interesting and challenging tasks on top-end projects;

Professional Development:

  • the opportunity to become part of a strong team and develop in your own direction; 

  • using a corporate online library for self-education and development;

  • learning and development and improving the level of English proficiency: corporate courses from Elementary to Advanced, daily communications with colleagues and clients from different countries;

Competitive financial reward paid vacation and sick leave;

Modern office with lots of FUN with our talented and creative dream team!

Room 8 Studio

Тип компанії: outsource

Співробітники: 201-500

Платформи: PC, Mobile, Social, Console

Жанр: Екшен, Пригоди, Головоломка, Гонки, Симулятори, СтратегіЇ, Музичні, Спортивні, Шутер, Настільні/Карточні, Казуальні, Платформер, Навчальні


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