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4A Games is a multinational video game development studio with offices in both Malta and Ukraine – known for its atmospheric first-person shooters Metro 2033, Metro: Last Light, ARKTIKA. 1, and our latest release, Metro Exodus.

Established in Kyiv, Ukraine in 2005, the studio was founded by a passionate team of game industry veterans with the goal of creating AAA-quality games for gaming PCs and then “next-gen” game consoles. In 2014, the studio moved its headquarters, along with more than 50 team members and their families, from Ukraine to Malta.

Currently, at the heart of the company there are over 150 talented designers, programmers, artists, effects specialists, and writers from all over the world, with diverse and unique backgrounds – bringing countless years of experience in and love towards software development and computer games in particular.

Над чем работать?
  • Жанры: Шутер
  • Платформы: PC
На какие задачи (обязанности)?

Develop new and enhance existing graphics technologies (rendering, lighting, shadows, special FX, culling, scene management, and others) to help achieve state-of-the-art visuals.

Work with others to expand our next-generation graphics pipeline including advanced lighting and rendering techniques, and special effects.

Experience in identifying bottlenecks and optimizing existing / future rendering code.

Какого профессионала ищем?
  • 3+ years of professional experience.

  • Proficient C++ Knowledge.

  • Thorough knowledge and proficient application of 3D math, rendering algorithms, and data structures.

  • Performance-minded development and optimization skills.

  • Self-drive to learn new rendering techniques and implement them.

  • Mathematical Analysis skills.

  • Conceptual fluency with physically-based rendering techniques.

  • Strong communication and proficiency working with technical artists to develop and iterate on features/tools.


  • Knowledge of a broad range of graphics APIs and shader languages including DirectX and OpenGL/GLSL.

Какие условия и бонусы?

Comprehensive benefits package available.

4A Games

Тип компании: developer

Сотрудники: 51-200

Платформы: PC, Console

Жанры: Экшен, Приключения, Шутер

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